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Supply List

All of Norma's workshops require you to bring the following supplies.


If just starting out, use sample list below or bring what you already have. My personal choice is Golden Paints


Burnt Sienna
Dioxazine Purple
Cadmium Red Med
Cadmium Yellow Med
Titanium White
Phthalo Blue Green Shade
Ultramarine Blue


Jenkin’s Green
Quinacridone Nichel Azo Gold
Quinacridone Magenta
Green Gold
Cobalt Blue
Cerulian Blue
Lemon Yellow

NB: Also bring disposable acrylic palette or other palette for mixing paints


Polymer gloss medium


At least one fairly large canvas (eg. 2’ x 3’ or 30” x 30”) plus whatever else you would like.
Select canvas to correspond to the shape of picture you intend to paint.


Bring any brushes of your choosing. Also include:
2” house-paint brush (natural bristle);
1” acrylic flat-edge brush;
2 smaller brushes for finer work; palette knife


Retardant to extend drying time of paint when doing larger paintings
1 sheet watercolour paper: for exercises in value study and colour
2 water containers: one for cleaning brushes; the other for clear mixing
rags or cloth: to be used during value study
paper towels: for wiping hands/brushes
picture(s) of your choice: bring something you really are enthusiastic about! Note:image must be your own. Do not make it too simple. The idea is to have fun and learn how to tackle any subject
notebook, pencil, pen, ruler
*Easels — floor or table model
* Easels may be supplied, please check at the time of registration.