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Workshop Testimonials

What people have to say about our workshops.

Norma's Abstract workshop was really quite a revelation to me in many ways! I loved the presentation with music and various ways of approaching this subject. Having been a teacher, I must be a very trying student. I have to go slowly and try to see every way to succeed before I start - and that was just not the way to go about Norma's Abstract painting. I learned a few interesting things about myself, an important one being that I often approach life situations exactly as I did the painting projects! The process was great fun and a learning experience I shall remember forever.

Irene McGeary

About Norma Jackson's teaching skills...she is really good! I took her 4 week beginners' class to learn more about acrylic and left feeling that I had learned more than I paid for. Norma has really good communication with the class and it was not a 'paint-along' so we all learned from each other's paintings as well. We painted using our own reference photos so each of us had different challenges depending on our subject matter.

I now have the confidence to approach any subject without fear! I appreciated the encouragement and guidance. If you're looking for a recommendation, you've got mine. I plan to take her next level in the spring.

Barb Springer

You are always inspiring...

Darlene Bacon

I recently completed a two day workshop with Norma in acrylics and I can't say enough about how pleased I am with both the process and the results. I have painted in watercolour for many years and been involved in lots of learning in that medium, so workshops aren't new to me. But I have not been as impressed with others as both artists and teachers as I am with Norma. She has a very logical approach, is encouraging, guiding each student along in her/his own way and offering excellent help without negative criticism or overuse of demonstration. Her sense of humour and great patience with a very generous sharing of her own knowledge puts her at the top of my list as a teacher. And I look at my first work in acrylics with pride. I look forward to many more learning experiences leading me even farther into art in Norma's studio.

Irene McGeary

I really enjoyed your teaching style - lots of good tips, advice and encouragement!

Lori Alexander

I had such a fantastic time at your workshop. You truly are a gifted artist and teacher.

Rachel Barton

What a fabulous weekend that was - I came home and looked at some of the 'realistic' paintings I've done and want to try them again using some of the techniques I learned from you at the workshop. On the drive home I thought it must be a little like a baby bird getting tossed out of the nest, flapping wildly at first to avoid crashing, then realizing 'Hey - I CAN fly!' Great job as usual, making me stretch WAY outside of my comfort zone to try something new. Thanks!

Barb Springer

Norma, thank you for a great weekend. It was exactly what I hoped it would be. Hopefully, my art will be at least one step up in quality from now on. I will be back.

Lesley Harris

Norma, thank you for a wonderful workshop. It was a very enjoyable experience with a great group of artists. It was nice to not only paint something I'm proud of but to learn how to repeat that process through fundamental tools and a better understanding of color and value. The mini workshops during the week really helped. It was a great week and I hope to join you again in for future workshop should the opportunity arise.

Sally Kuperberg

I was exited looking forward to my first acrylic workshop , feeling a little intimidated with a 24X36 canvass and easel and a selection of new paint , brushes , mediums etc . I had no cause for concern , from the moment our workshop started to the last minute I felt completely captivated by the new techniques I was experiencing , the instruction , feedback and personal attention to my need's were second to none . Norma has a way of connecting thru each individual's art and is able to pinpoint area's that could easily pass unnoticed for a lifetime , she has an easy yet direct manner and put's forth that " personal touch " so often lacking in today's busy lifestyle. I would not hesitate to recommend her workshops to novice and expert alike . I left feeling I'd spent the weekend with a person who's love of art and it's many hidden benefit's by far outweigh any business priorities . I'm now looking forward to Norma's next workshop!

Norm Jacobs

Thanks for the super class in Red Deer. I learned a bundle! I can't believe I actually finished the huge task and huge canvas you set before us - how gratifying! As you know, I had done very very little acrylic painting and had certainly never attacked a project using your methods. I truly see color in everything now, even a friends face when visiting! The color charts, color mixing, value charts and use of underpainting and complimentary colors was a wonderful learning experience. I can hardly wait to get a chance to try it again before I forget what I learned. Thanks for taking us through the steps of choosing a picture to paint, finding the right canvas, choosing the appropriate colors, mixing the colors, "drawing" on the canvas, applying layers of colors. I'm looking forward to the next class.

Doreen Guilloux

Norma, words cannot express how glad I am to have been in your 5 day workshop! You are an amazing teacher. You strecthed my ability way past what I thought was the limit. I love to paint, and realized the inner peace & joy was the icing on the cake for me. I would love to attend many more of your workshops! Such talent, joy and compassion you display through your art!!

Lynn Carter

Where does one begin in attempting to put into words the impact that Norma's workshop had on me personally? "Life is art and art is life. . . " As soon as I read these words that Norma wrote on the board in preparation for her workshop, I knew that this week was going to be an experience beyond what I had expected. I attended her workshop to learn how to paint. But I came away with so much more: a deep appreciation of how art can inform us of who were are. What I learned was that what we do on the canvass reflects all of life. The colors we choose, the picture that captures our passion, the way we hold our brush, the things that get in the road of our ability to be creative. All aspects of how we do art tells a story about who we are.

Christine Welch

I'm glad I met you and I learned more in one day with you than I had after painting for many years. You are a very good teacher. Hope to see you again.

Esther Davies

I have been painting for years now but I thoroughly enjoy Norma's workshops, she has the ability to guide beginner or seasoned artist to the best of their abilities, even in a mixed class. After the workshop I was unable to go home right away. My husband took my completed painting home with him, so I was unable to view it for over a week. During the workshop you spend so much time focused on getting this bit or that bit of your painting right, that its hard to not be critical of your work. When I got home I was so anxious to take another look at it, my husband had set it up on the mantel and it was as if I was really looking at it for the first time! I was really pleased with the depth and focus of the painting. My goal was to create a more interesting image then the photograph I had taken with me as reference, to loosen up and not get too detailed. Norma helped me see where I wanted to go and stopped me from sweating the details. I also really appreciate the re-cap of the value and color studies, it is something I always struggle with and is the base to any good painting.

Sally Kuperberg
Winthrop WA

Norma, you're the best! I loved the abstract workshop, but I love all your workshops! Hmmm, what I liked best was trying all the different techniques and having you sort of "push" us to try more and change what we thought was "finished" . I found trying to abstract a picture the most difficult, but it was still a good exercise. Just being in your studio gives me the opportunity and inspiration to paint and having your guidance and wisdom just tops it off.

Rachel Barton

  • Very helpful. Loved the way Norma integrated philosophy into her craft. Very inspiring. I came away feeling more hopeful about being able to take myself both seriously as an artist and lightly in how I approach art and my life. Bravo!
  • The workshop exceeded all my expectation. Norma was an amazing resource and very open to helping wherever needed.
  • Very helpful for experienced artists and people with no background as well.


Thank you Norma, I loved this workshop! You are a wonderful teacher, very patient and encouraging. After seeing what results I can achieve from using Golden Paints, I'm switching to them! I look forward to learning more from you at future workshops.

Lisa Carter

I learned from Norma to not only look, but also to "see"

Barb Springer

The workshop was beyond my expectations, thank you! Norma was extremely helpful and her direction and information straightforward and easy to follow. Her visual presentation was excellent and very well balanced. I found Norma's knowledge, expertise and way of teaching most pleasing. She was available to all students with our endless questions. All of the student's artwork turned out well. Don't miss this workshop - give yourself this gift. Thanks Norma.

Clair Lefebvre