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Therapeutic Arts

The combination and use of hands-on arts, drama and puppetry provides a powerful and dynamic tool promoting healing and hope. These tools are spiritually uplifting, projective, non-threatening and empowering and just downright fun! They can express the unspeakable and touch the soul when nothing else has worked. They can take on any character trait, represent any metaphor and can transcend age, physical, mental and language barriers.

All of us face loss, change or transition of some kind in our lives. Defenses protect the mind from an assault on the psyche too difficult to face consciously. It is not limited to age, gender or nationality. But what enables an individual to access that emotion in order to heal? And how will it be expressed? What if you can't ...? Your voice is "frozen" or you simply don't know how to begin...

I have found that using creative arts as tools in an entertaining and humourous way to approach or introduce difficult issues whether the viewer or participant, often opens closed doors. It also "neutralizes power" between the giver and the receiver. There are no personality conflicts or judgments.

This is not a new idea. ...Man's earliest spiritual rituals utilized the animation of objects, music, art and the use of symbols and metaphors. They are found in every culture, religion, philosophy and psychology around the world. First Nations' people have always known that music, dance, imagery and storytelling with objects and paintings took a person into their inner spirit where healing takes place. They represent the bridge between reality and the spiritual life.

It is the process of working at a creative level that can touch a soul at its deepest level. For example, by expressing oneself through a marionette and making that little being "real", the individual is given a voice that is non threatening enabling a complete circle of inner transformation and healing.

Today, the power of these creative tools has not changed.

I am seeking to implement developmental programs as a consultant in other communities including First Nations issues, Hospice and Palliative Care as well as Youth and Community issues.